We will find your match

About Us

Our story

There’s no need for fancy buzzwords to get our idea through.

We’re good, really good. We’ve been good for over 10 years now and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Here’s what we do exactly; it’s very simple. Whether you’re the sponsor or the beneficiary, you will meet your match. Let’s say you’re looking for the right way to get some exposure, whether through barter, money or other means of exchange, we’ll hook you up.

Through extensive studies of your fields of expertise, our fair understanding of sponsor-beneficiary relationship and through our almost omnipresence in the social environment, we will maximize your publicity.

Oh, and here’s the fun part, we pretty much cover everything; whether a conference, corporate celebration, book signing, theatrical play, tasting event, outdoor activity, a sports game, radio and/or TV show, charity event, movie franchise, school kermes, rally race or music concert; we’ll get you there.

Yup we’ll even go to the ”opening” of an envelope, if it means getting our client’s full on satisfaction.Get it?

By joining our sponsor list, Not only will you be cooler than an Eskimo’s morning cup of coffee but you’ll also join a substantial class of clients and sponsors as well as having first dibs on any upcoming gathering that can give you the right setup for your exposure.

The same goes for the beneficiary, imagine having the right type of sponsor every single time, maximizing both ends of the profit with minimal effort and management.

Mutual profit; is there a better sounding set of words in the English language? You win, we win, and we’ll both be having champagne in the middle of the ocean on a humungous yacht that’s an affront to nature.

But we do however operate with some noble guidelines;have upstanding approachesand a great set of moral values every step of the way, so that our journey can go unruffled, and so that we may one day actually make a difference, instead of just a profit.

It goes like this; we plan on going regional and international within the coming few years, as well as becoming a staple in the evolutionary process of our fair community.

In essence, we grasp the project from the get go and generate a happy ending