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Our obligation is to maintain the same quality of service we’ve strived for so long to achieve;

Here’s an in-depth look at our services and the vital types of exposure:

What better way to get into people’s minds than broadcast media; massaging your client’s temporal lobe through the hypnotizing Squawk-box built in every home, or audibly implanting your message through multiple radio platforms, oh and who could forget the movies? A memorable night at the cinema means a memorable message for your product!

Let’s take a walk outside, covering all of the human sensory perception through Flagrantly visual advertising; starting with the classics such as billboards both digital and print, unipoles, led screens to catch that 5 second halt in traffic, fabulous building mapping and building banners to “look up to”.

As for the fans; we’re embedded in sporting arenas without omitting the highly effectual flags in all shapes and sizes.

And if that’s not enough, and you’re willing to go the extra mile, then let us introduce you to the spectaculars: New-age, bona fide techniques used for wallscapes and building covers including proper lighting, installment and presentation as well as covering large real-estate areas with your product.

Also covering the contemporary means of visual promotions; Shop windows for the window shopper in all of us, street furniture for the much deserved moment of rest during a stroll on the road and even car magnets, and no we don’t mean cars seducing other cars through their charm and magnetism.

Without forgetting the alternative means of exposure that not many advertisers take into consideration, which will give you a great deal of leverage.

Favored among the alternative exposure methods, we’ve got; Aerial advertising through banner towing: can you imagine your brand soaring majestically like an eagle overlooking its territory? Or the ever-charming billboard bicycle that’ll grab the attention of pretty much any living organism,or how aboutyour name at a trade show socializing with the best of them.

Even through airport advertising, making an indelible imprint in traveler’s minds or the businessman’s corner on news racks and kiosks, yup we’ve pretty much covered it all, we’ll even work on micro targeting for the unreached demographic; beauty salons, distribution,health clubs or even the lift at the ski resort! What better way to reach your clients than through marking your territory in pristine locations.

The highly recommended celebrity endorsement is by far the most dazzling and picturesque system of advocacy; as part of our circle we have an elite group of celebrities willing to affirm your product to its full extent, through evident product placement, spokesman-ship and even secretive stealth advertising, “hush, this is our little secret.”

Ever heard of buzz marketing? Buzz marketing is going back in style and not just through social media but through fabricated word to mouth; we all know how fast rumors can spread and the same method applies to good advertising; buzz marketing has proven itself over the years to be one of the most effective forms of publicity, and you’ll have a solid position on the inside track.

“Note we don’t actually hire undercover detectives to market your product, but if that’s what you’re into, we’ve got the connections to make it happen“