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Sponsors’ Jingles

Some things in life stick with us forever.

The mind can be tricked into absorbing information faster and more efficiently, that’s pretty much the secret of advertising and marketing and one of the most effective methods is through sound! We’ve all experienced that ceaseless song that won’t leave your auditory range no matter how hard you try.

Fun fact; it’s called an earworm. And we’ve figured out how to use it to your advantage.
Sound can be designed, manipulated and engineered in ways that will deliver your message both consciously and subconsciously.

We’ve partnered up with the legendary Elias Rahbani studios and musical prodigy Jad rahbani to create the catchiest and most memorable tunes you can envision.
Through 15 to 30 second jingles we’ll be able to melodically convey your story in a timely and potent manner to be applied through radio spots, tv spots and even online ads
And as a bonus we’ll be able to create your very own end tag that can be utilized in perpetuity.

End tags or musical tag lines are what you hear at the end of a commercial and usually get stuck in your mind pretty much forever, ever wanted to have your very own “ I’m lovin’ it “ or “fresh goes better with mentos” then now’s your chance!
It’s your very own audio signature that is short and memorable enough to be placed anywhere.

So here’s the deal; the tunes are catchy, the team is more than competent and your identity will be imprinted in people’s minds, what are you waiting for?